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Say It

Say It
By Adeoluwa Atayero

Black Lives Matter
Say it loud
Black Lives Matter
Say it again
Couldn’t say it?
Black Lives Matter
Didn’t say it?

Let’s examine why

Ignore the politics, embrace the frame
Culture cries, legacies end
Freedom and justice drown in a revolution
We evolve from baby evils to greater illusions 
When all lives and blue lives hoard the spotlight
We run marathons in caustic circles

Black Lives Matter
Still can’t say it?
Black Lives Matter
You should at least know it
Black Lives Matter
It’s no fallacy
Black Lives Matter
Even if it’s not what we see

A generation of pain runs deep
Down the thread, puncture the needle
Out of excellence, out of wars
Out of struggle, out of speeches
Still we stand here, still we can’t breathe
Ours Hands up, our faces down

Black Lives Matter
We pray they’ll tell our stories
Black Lives Matter
We pray they don’t edit out our blood and tears
Black Lives Matter
We pray one they day they’ll see
Black Lives Matter
For this, we truly believe

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