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Goodnight Uncle Moe ?

Mr. Moyosore Ogundipe was one of the first people to post on, the 42nd to be exact. Back then, we were way less than what we are now, but he believed in us. He sat @iambabacrown down so that he would tell him more about the vision of the site, after which he donated to the cause. Since then he always checked on the site, gave comments and critiques and even made reference to it during his lectures. It’s hard to believe that this great man, who had no cause or rhyme to care about our site, is gone. We were hoping it was a rumour, we were hoping we wouldn’t have to compose this post but alas, here we are. We love and miss you and we will continue to work to make you proud. He always used to call the site “#StayCrowned⚜️” and without a doubt, we know that’s what he’s doing where he is right now. Rest In Love, You are Regal as they come, Uncle Moe. ?

Check Uncle Moe’s Collection Here.

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