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YouTube Launches New Social Media Segment
      YouTube has been working lowkey on a way to allow YouTubers (content creators and content consumers) to interact 1-on-1 on the platform without the intervention of third party platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.      

      The feature has been available for some months now and it has been undergoing in-depth tests to ascertain the level of user satisfaction.
     YouTube has officially launched the interactive segment of its platform but its yet to be available to all YouTube users. We strongly believe the feature will be available to all within a couple of weeks. 

      The YouTube social network community employs texts, images, gifs and other interesting characters that’ll aid smooth interaction between users.
As earlier stated,only a few YouTube channels have this feature for now. This will allow YouTube to know if you can directly communicate to the person behind your favorite YouTube channel.
    To interact on this platform, simply click on the channel of choice and look keenly for the “community” tab on the channel’s profile.

       This development from the YouTube team is really a welcomed one as viewers can directly air their views to the channel operator without the need to open another tab. It will save time, aid faster response from channel owners and strengthen the relationship between viewers and content creators. My only concern is how popular channel owners and YouTube will be able to cope with the amount of messages they’ll be bombarded with. Till next time, #StayCrowned〽️

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