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Winter’s Favorite Eight

For Anedi, a special winter piece.

Here’s Winter’s Favorite Eight By Chris Okoro

Discover yourselves in colder nights than he’s used to.

Warm it up with your smile and keep your walls up so he has to work to get to you. Make him wonder why these long conversations are so important to him even if you’d never say if they’d mean anything to you, at least not until he isn’t there anymore and you don’t have to look in his eyes when you say what you want to.


Leave trails as details so it takes forever to know you, what you’re about, forever is just enough time. Intrigue him with how much you hold back, how much you seem to have achieved and how big your dreams are, that’s how you appear in his. Mark his soul with your niceties and your cold fire. Smile again. You can make his lazy heart relentless.

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With daylight, almost distance him but don’t let him wander far. You understand the irony of your magic. And you know your tricks work, at least with him. Lead on to another night. Light heads and heavy breaths before you say goodbye.

Then don’t.

He’ll write you letters, he hopes you write back. You both look forward to tomorrow and to when you can revisit the first eight days.

I will come back when it’s warmer.

– Twinless Gemini

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