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What’s your take on unripe plantain pottage? Yummy or not? 

I bet you didn’t  know that unripe plantain is more healthy than ripe plantain, it actually contains lower calories! 
Unripe Plantain Pottage is a yummy Nigerian recipe which, traditionally, can be prepared using ripe, unripe or semi ripe plantain. 

 I’ll take us on the journey of how and when I discovered this recipe. About three years ago, my grand aunt decided she wanted to have an unripe plantain, in my mind, I was like ewww, who cooks unripe plantain? She prepared it and served it with vegetables. I had some and loved it. She explained the benefits to me and told me it’s good for the elderly.

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Plantain,  although a major source of carbohydrate, is a good source of potassium which helps our muscles function normally and regulates our heart beat. Enjoy this quick easy Nigerian meal.


Serving for 1.

1 unripe plantain

1 tbspn of chilli powder

1/2 bulb of Onion

1-2 Small Red Bell Pepper( Tatashe)

2-3 Scotch bonnet( Atarodo)

1 cube of maggi

1 medium size dried fish

1/2 cooking spoon of Palm oil

1 tspn of Cray fish

A pinch of Salt


Peel the plantain and cut to desired shape in smaller pieces and place in a pot.

Boil plantain till it’s a bit soft

Add the onion, pepper, salt, seasoning cubes, blended bell pepper and water and bring to boil.

Soak dried fish in hot water.

Add the crayfish, and leave to simmer for 5 minutes on lower heat. If the water is drying up, add 2 cooking spoons of water.

Pour in the palm oil and stir.

Serve hot. 

-Olufunto A. Abimbola 
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