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What If?

What Is love?
Ask the young child who daily takes shelter under the bridge
Eating crumbs as food and drinking his tears to quench his thirst.
His five-sized body and emaciated legs will call your name.

What is love?
Walk down your neighbourhood
And stare into the eyes of the lady physically assaulted by who she calls ‘lover’.
Her sores and scars will frown at you
And her swollen eyes and lips will scream your name.
She will know better.
because she feels worse.

Ask me what love is once more
And I’ll tell you to ask the children of the divorced.
They should know better because they feel nothing.

What if that young child
Finds someone or even an image that can give hope
Or a smile that can save a soul?
What if that young child is given
digestibles good enough to be called ‘food’?

Would that be love?

What If the assaulted lady finds a heart to embrace?
A world to bring such to justice Such beasts?
A world not overwhelmed by individual responsibility.

Tell me if that will mean a bit.
 What if the children of the divorced are taught the virtues of oneness?
What if they are adopted by love?
What if they are drawn farther from their imaginations?
And made to dine in positivity?
What If?
What if?
What if?

What if we all know what love truly means?
That it goes beyond hundred kisses,
A thousand lovelies,
And a million “I’m sorry?”
– BecToyin
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