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Welcome To Fashion & Style With Eseosa

     Hello human people, Eseosa Belo-Osagie here; your friendly fashion commentator, advisor and eccentric. Welcome to this here side of; it’s new and you’ll enjoy it. Trust me. 

      Fashion for me is a hobby; my inspiration is very ecclectic. I like to experiment; my approach to dressing up can only be accurately described as impulsive. It is cliche, but what I wear depends on my mood and my mood is usually “how do I shock these peopleses?” 

     I’m a nappy haired bundle of joy and then even my natural hair transition (hasn’t been very successful but we thank the Lord) started from a very impulsive decision to cut my hair. 

      Style for me is a means of self expression. I’m a grunge girl: Oversized  everything; shirts, tees, pants, denim, just name it. I believe sandals are nice but right now, I’d kill for a pair of Kurt Geiger pointy toe booties (epp me plix). 

      So take this ride with me and lets uncover the facets of the diamond that is fashion!

– Eseosa
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