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We Want Our Innocence

Thoughts of young days
cloud my memory,
A sad sigh escapes my lip,
I feel dazed
Just recollecting every bad
thing growing up had taught one to do

When we were young and
When dressing up was
the chore for morning
And eating our meals was
the important task set for the day

When we ran under the rain in
our underwear,
And enjoyed the feel of our feet in the mud,
Then ran in to the comfort of hot tea and blanket

Our thoughts were pure,
We only anticipated meals,
School and another day of playing with friends
We would buy balloons and
burst them, and buy lots more

But then our chest began to
Boys started having wet
And we wanted to explore our new age,
Get acquainted with this new body

We lost our innocence,
We started to curse, give kisses That makes sense and of course, Engage in premarital sex,
We not only lost our sexual innocence,
We lost our freedom

Pride took a toll on us,
We started giving attitude,
This made us lose friends,
But we did not care;
The troubles of this world was also dumped on our shoulder

We want our innocence back,
the days of zero worries,
And playful exertion of energy, W
We want our innocence back

– Temil
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Facebook: Princess Precious Hardeydoyin


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One thought on “We Want Our Innocence

  1. Ifeoluwa

    Nice one precious

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