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Top 10 Underground Nigerian Artistes Of 2017

Another year, another list.

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, time for the highly anticipated end of the year lists. We will be releasing our ‘Top’ lists for 2017 as the month goes on to celebrate the various creatives who have stood out this year.

2017 was a great year for Nigerian music especially for the underground scene. We’ve put together a list of compelling underground acts that made our 2017 truly lit.

All these artistes work night and day to create the beautiful music that we enjoy with friends at concerts and get togethers. This list is just the beginning of many more to come and a way to encourage these beautiful artistes and show them that they are seen and heard and appreciated and we cannot wait to get our hands on more of their art!

As you know, there’s no perfect list so if we left out your favorite, kindly drop a comment with the act’s name and why they deserve to be on the list.

Here we go!

10. DJ Yin

IG: @OfficialDjYin

Twitter: @OfficialDjYin

DJ Yin makes double threat look so effortless, it’s awe spiring. She’s not only a DJ, she’s also a gravity defying artiste. I first heard her on Santi’s “Beat it up” and the talent she has is truly undeniable. She should continuously be propelled to greater heights. Check out her SoundCloud and have a go at falling in love.

9. Fasina

IG: @FasinaMusic

Twitter: @Fasina28

Nigeria’s very own ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’ with the vocals. His crooning skills are not the mate of your favourite crooner’s favourite crooner. He’s your girl’s type for real. The 5 star Crooner is a charming and simple musician. Not only is he your girl’s type, but he’s also easily one of those guys you can indeed vibe with.

8. Dami Oniru

IG: @DamiOniru_

Twitter: @DamiOniru

Dami’s music puts a whole new spin on the persona of what it means to be a fearless and fierce woman. Her aura is incredible and she does have nice outfits. Her live performances are not disappointing and you can tell there’s a lot of dedication in the growth of her music. Dami made truly beautiful music this year and we can only pray that next year will be a more stunning one for the songstress.

7. Genio Bambino

IG: @GenioBambino

Twitter: @GenioBambino

Genius Boy, Producer, Singer, Songwriter. His input to the industry is massive seeing as he has become such a backbone in the success of the up and coming music scene.

6. Lady Donli

IG: @LadyDonli

Twitter: @LadyDonli

Often called ‘The Hardest Worker’ and known as an energetic performer, Zainab keeps working to share her art with the world. She’s a blessing to the underground scene. Get on her SoundCloud. Find out.

5. Nonso Amadi

IG: @Nonsoamadi

Twitter: @Nonso_A

The ‘Tonight’ singer stole the hearts of the pretty girls this year. He put out hits this year and he keeps them coming. ‘Radio’ was still killing when ‘Kwasia’ dropped. His ‘Long Live the Queen’ would make any critic a believer. His live performances are as calm as his songs but he connects with the crowd in a subtly intimate way. Given the level of his success, whether or not he still counts as an underground artiste is still up for debate. One thing is still for sure, he’s an exemplary artiste and nothing can change that.

4. Odunsi (The Engine)

IG: @OdunsiTheEngine

Twitter: @OdunsiTheEngine

AKA Odunsi Bowo. This man is a hard worker. Making moves on a low. He’s rumored to be on upcoming projects by LeriQ and MI. He and Nonso Amadi put out a beautiful EP. Not to mention all his work with Santi, Tay, Zamir and the rest of the gang on Fridaycruise(SoundCloud). He is a crowd favourite and he keeps the audience going. His next project “Rare” is expected to be out soon. New fave blonde boy. Find his SoundCloud and also Fridaycruise’s.

3. Efe Oraka

IG: @EfeOraka

Twitter: @EfeOraka

Jon Bellion found himself a beautiful protégé. Her single ‘Wonderland’ will give you goosebumps. There’s magic in her soul. Find her SoundCloud and give her a listen.

2. Tay Iwar

IG: @TayIwar

Twitter: @TayIwar

His production is without doubt one of the more impressive we’ve heard this year and he has vocals are super clean. His lyrics are not shallow and just when you think you’ve heard his best, he outdoes himself. Get on this!


IG: @ArkhonEllz

Twitter: @ArkhonEllz

Our greatest discovery of the year is definitely this musical wizard. AYLØ kicked off his career with the deliciously and beautifully crafted single, ‘Fusion’. He has mastered his craft and created a perfect fusion of talent and technicality. His mixtape is a modern masterpiece. Search for his SoundCloud. You’ll understand.


What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comment section below?



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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Underground Nigerian Artistes Of 2017

  1. Ogunleye oluwakorede

    I don’t think odunsi and nonso are underground artiste….they have practically gone mainstream…..good list tho



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