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Tips For Keeping Your Phone Dry And Safe During This Rainy Season

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Sorry for going AWOL, I'm fully back now and my column will be regularly updated with more informative posts as usual. Today, we're gonna be looking into how we all can keep our phones safe or as some will prefer it, dry.

It's the time of the year when we have lots of rain but the rain ain't our problem. Of course we all like it when it rains but what we're looking at today is the aftermath effect of rain on your pocket. In this part of the world, we rarely make preparation for rain, we just step out carefree and hope that when the downpour begins, we'll find a shop or kiosk that we can stay in till the rain is over. 

It's a known fact that we keep our smartphones on us at all times in order not to miss important notifications from work, friends, banks etc. It is crucial that we take great care of our smartphones as parting with them for a few hours could cause them to end up in repair shop.

In order to save time and money, the following tips should be put into consideration in order to avoid having your phone damaged by rain water.

1. Get A Flip Case: Yea, I know that look you have on your face right now. It is a familiar look one and this is because a large segment of smartphone users, especially the youth, consider a flip case as an ugly accessory for a phone.

Most of them are undeniably ugly, while there are a few cute ones out there. The point is not to beautify the phone, the aim is to keep it protected from water penetration on all sides and a flip case will definitely get the job done. Please note that fancy flip cases, like ones with spaces allowing you to check for notifications without lifting the flip, might do a terrible job.

2. Always Go Out With Your Wallet: We all know how thick our wallets are and while their primary function is to keep cash and other documents that can fit in them, but in the case you enter heavy rain in order not to resume late to work, remove your wallet from your back pocket and place it directly above your smartphone in your side pocket. This will act as a water resistant shield for your smartphone with no damage to the wallet.

3. Remember To Always Have A Purse Or Handbag With You: This is for the ladies; it's easier to safeguard your phone if you're with a purse or an handbag. All you have to do is drop the phone in either of the two and you take it out when you get home.

If any of the above doesn't work for you and you end up getting your phone soaked, simply take it to an experienced phone repairer to have it checked and salvaged.

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4 thoughts on “Tips For Keeping Your Phone Dry And Safe During This Rainy Season

  1. Timilehin

    This is insightful. Love the writeup

  2. Oke Damilola

    Nice idea
    Thanks for the advice Ade

  3. Dashoda

    ..And just incase it gets wet,dip your phone into a bowl of rice it will soak the water…

  4. Deriils

    Good afternoon, please tell me. Will this belt be compatible with this phone model? I mean by size
    Thanks in advance

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