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Thrill Of Hope
Upon midnight clear,

Came one humble king…

It was a cold and lonely night.

He came as a common man-or worse.

He had an angel for a herald,

A wild cousin for a harbinger,

A carpenter for a father,

A priest for an uncle,

A virgin for a mum.

As silent as night,

The wealthiest king in a manger!

He was come never to leave.

To sup with the lowly and

And dine with the broken hearted.

It was a cold night indeed…

But alas! He chose a manger for his birth.

All the bells and bob-tail rings

The tinsels and gifts.

The trees and yuletide.

The carols and laughter.

The palpable joy; the ubiquitous love;

Still remind us of the reason…

The reason for life and the transition into a new government

A government of freedom and peace.

One that has bestowed upon mankind the gift of time…

Time to love and care;

Time to share and laugh.

The only time this weary earth truly rejoices.

At the herald of the king.

Merry Christmas!!!

– Lola Lone 
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