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mbibi nke ala nsọ
They have come for us
They that defile themselves
They come running
With their two feet touching the ground
The tip of their spears stained with the blood
Of our coven mother
The earth has drank the life it once gave us

We are seated playing a game
Wrappers pooled around our waist
Breast open for the gods on the shelves to gaze out.

They have come for us
Our roofs are on fire
Bodies, dead bodies floating on our water
The fruits have fallen
They have seized the child that was born just
Four hours ago.
Broken our water pots
Treaded on our flower beds

They have come for us
They chant
I do not understand their tongue
For it is violent,
Lusting for blood
Craving to taste the tears of our elders

They have come for us
To steal the secret behind the velvet
Behind the music that conjures our lovers from the ground
Behind the paintings on our walls
Behind the hypnotic movement of our waists

They have come for us
Our blood has been shed
Our tears have stained our faces
Iya’s mouth is foaming
The animals have eaten themselves
They have carried us
They have brought curses upon themselves

Ozioma Iheagwam


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