You are here Presents The “My Crown Convocation Story” Series! – Here’s How You Can Participate
Hola Hola ! will be running a series this summer called “My Crowned Convocation Story”. We will be featuring the various stories of our graduates every week. 

Graduating is not an easy task  and this series aims to celebrate all the midnight candles burned, all the rushing to class and all the school feels paid that has led to that victorious Convocation moment.

If you are interested in being featured in the series, kindly follow the format presented below and submit the contents  to [email protected]


1. Do Not Lie – Don’t create a fictional experience about your time in school. Be truthful and honest to avoid embarrassment.

2. Be Concise – Talk about your time in school and major poignant experiences that have led you to the point of being a graduate. However, avoid unnecessary and boring tales that don’t add substance to your content.

3. Let Your Work Be Gramatically Correct – You are now a graduate, write like one.

4. Do Not Write Anything That Will Be Considered To Be Libelious – Do not insult or defame anyone in your story.

5. Have Fun! – Make your story as creative and original as possible. 

Failure to adhere to any of the rules above will result in your story being scrapped. We can’t wait to read and share your exciting experiences!


* signifies optional questions 

1. A professional picture of yourself (No selfies allowed)

2. *Picture(s) that relate to your Convocation Story

2b. Name Of University – 

2c. *Set Name – 

3. Legal Name – 

4. *Nick Name – 

5. Department – 

6. Faculty – 

7. *Grade Division – 

8. *Date Of Graduation – 

9. *Hall of Residence – 

10. *Favourite Lecturer – 

11. *Favourite Quote 

12. *Clubs/Units Involved In – 

13. *Executive Positions Held – 

14. *Awards/Merits Received – 

15.  Your Convocation Story

16. Social Media Accounts 


IG : @TheArtOfAde
BBM Channel : C001FDB41
Twitter : @TheArtOfAde
Facebook Page : The Art Of Ade
Email : [email protected]

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