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Nigerian singer and activist, Charles Oputa, better known by his stage name Charly Boy, started a campaign tagged #OurMumuDonDo on June 12 to express Nigerians’ frustrations with the current state of the country. The day the campaign began commemorated the 24th anniversary of the 1993 election of Chief MKO Abiola, which was annulled by former military dictator Ibrahim Babangida.

The answer has always been right under our noses; some of us might even hear it every weekday or so and never take note. I saw “Borat” yesterday and there’s a scene where he’s singing a parody of the Kazakh anthem in the same tune as the American anthem at a rodeo in Texas. As he began to sing, praising Kazakhstan as the greatest country in the world, saying offensive things about other countries, the Americans at the rodeo were fuming, faces reading “Sacrilege!” or “Blasphemy!” but I digress.

I have always hated how the truth gets hidden right under our noses. It’s also one of life’s rather more beautiful blessings. I remember mornings in the assembly hall in primary school, voices coarse, and light, and loud, and strained, and untrained screaming the national anthem out loud. Teaching those who understood, reminding those who already knew what it’d take to move us forward.

Sing it to yourself, don’t go too far, the first line should do it.
“Arise, O Compatriots.” At 16, it finally hit me, this country asked that those who were at peak positions in anything (yes, even in kidnapping, Shoutout to Evans), would need to have one single thing in common, if we were to be any sort of great.

This country called on to people with unquestionable “Love of Country" and seeing no one stand up to that call, we just let anybody who’d had the cojonés to kill, and pillage, and lie their way to the peak and become “Leaders”. So we screwed up and clearly we need to restart and see if we can find people who actually love this country enough to see it great and just maybe we might be able to fix this.
So maybe step 1 is the only step. At least for me.

“Arise, O Compatriots.

Nigeria’s call obey

To serve our Fatherland

With Love, and Strength, and Faith.”

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-Twinless Gemini
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2 thoughts on “ Joins The #OurMumuDonDo Challenge As We Work To Make Nigeria Great!

  1. Tema

    Inspiring. I believe godfatherism can become a reality that only exist in history books by passing a bill on Independent candidature. This will revolutionise Nigeria’s politics and save her democracy. A nation will rise.

  2. If we all can just be responsible for our country…and not point fingers we would make a difference…together!!!

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