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The Trying Tyrone Series : Episode 2 – Where The End Begins

Trying Tyrone
Episode 2 : Where The End Begins

"Excuse me!"

It seemed like a random phrase to remember as I began contemplating whether or not to surrender.

"Let me pass!"

I turned back and i saw the girl from the other day. The one that asked for me for some lecturer's office. I remember really wishing I had known the lecturer's office just so I could walk her there.

"Hey. We've met yeah?."

"Bros, you really want to start conversation in the middle of a crowded hallway? Please I'm trying to get to class and you're in my way, so if you don't mind …."

She wasn't as nice as the last time.

"Ko gbodo salo! Ko gbodo salo o!

My heart was beating out of my chest.

I was running but I couldn't feel my legs. I knew I was running only because I could feel how heavily I was breathing and I could hear them coming after me.

Oh yes! Even in the pouring rain, the jungle will haunt you down. I really don't know what I was thinking shooting someone in the middle of the street. Thats just it then.

I wasn't thinking.

I was running out of breath and energy and it seemed that with every new block I covered, the crowd behind me got fatter and faster. It was time to throw in the towel.


I fell in a puddle of water. I knew it was over. I was about to be dealt with by an angry mob who had bestowed itself with a law enforcement badge.

I don't remember much after that. There wasn't really much to remember. After the first punch there was another, then another, then another.

Then lights out.

Now that I think about it. I wish I could go back to that moment and end it all there. Let my rock bottom be my end. No up, no down. No rescue, all surrender.

I could feel the sun so I knew the night had passed. My eyes hurt and they felt heavy so I guess they were swollen. It was easier to go back to sleep. I didn't know where I was and I didn't really care.

"Ty, I know what you're going to say but hear me out."

"Bren he can't do anything to you and you certainly don't have to do anything for him, I promise. We'll call the cops and tell them. My mom knows…"

"I have to confess."

She was wearing the look. That look where her eye balls began to glow and she seemed to be glaring right into your soul.

"I stole money from him. A lot of money. He found out and now I can't repay it."


"Its a lot to ask but I wouldn't be asking you if I didn't think we could pull it off. It's okay if you can't , I'll figure it…"



"Let's do it."


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