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The Nigerian Song

By Tiwalade Femi – Mapaderun

It isn’t easy.

This is the song most Nigerians sing. We are in a nation where things are going amiss despite the efforts of the good ones. The people who make this nation suffer are not many, yet they bring many to their knees. A great people now languish in poverty; all around I see are sad faces struggling to let out a smile.

How long can we live like this?

The prices of things are going through the roof and the rich act like they don’t feel it. The average man is complaining and the poor are dying.

There was a time in this nation when N5 bread was bigger than an iPhone 6S Plus pack. However, things have changed, and for the bad. The justice system is a going down and as long as you have the money, you can be above the law.

Those who claim to be fighting corruption are corrupt themselves. A man steals a pot of soup and spends five years in jail while another steals billions and is celebrated. He’s celebrated as long as he returns a quarter of the money, and goes to meet his family as if nothing happened.

The cry of the common man is now a normal song that does not move our leaders. They only know how to dance, sing and beg for votes. Their mouths are so sweet when it comes to making promises, however, they forget their source and promises the moment they taste power. How long can Nigerians live like this?

The people who make this nation suffer are not many yet they bring many to their knees.

The graduate is frying Akara on the street just to survive. The educational system is not what it used to be. I heard stories of a time when graduates were treated and respected as kings, a time when education was valued and where higher education was the dream of every young child.

It was a thing of pride to be a graduate and the interesting part was that there were jobs. Now 1000 people are struggling to get the same spot. The educated are underemployed, if employed at all. It’s all about connection now, all about the survival of the most corrupt and their generation.
Politicians and the rich send their own abroad to study but they expect public school teachers to put their kids in the public school. Our federal universities are also not being maintained. Lecturers are not well paid and the leaders, so-called, can’t be bothered. Let’s  not forget, their own children are not in the country.
Most parents who end up sending their children to private universities in Nigeria do not just wake up one day to make that decision because they have the money. Most parents could no longer bear to see their children at home writing into various federal schools, facing rejection. Not that the universities are at fault but there is just no space. Should that be the case?

I pray for this nation because it is a great place. A place I want to be and I know as long as there is life, there is hope. Like Martin Luther King once said, “I have a dream”.

I have a dream that one day the life of the common man will be as that of a king. I have a dream that one day this country will get to its right position of honor. I have a dream that one day a dollar and one Naira will be the same.
I have a dream that one day Nigerians will be happy that they ever sang:

Nigeria we hail thee

Our own dear native land

Though tribe and tongue may differ,

In brotherhood we stand,

Nigerians all are proud to serve

Our sovereign Motherland.

Our flag shall be a symbol

That truth and justice reign,

In peace or battle honour’d,

And this we count as gain,

To hand on to our children

A banner without stain.

O God of all creation,

Grant this our one request,

Help us to build a nation

Where no man is oppressed,

And so with peace and plenty

Nigeria may be blessed.

– Tiwa
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