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The Movement

By Daniel Ugbang
        I was only a young man in my early twenties when it had just begun. I know you would wonder what had begun, you know what? let’s take it gradually.
       Reading through the popular book, There Was A Country by Chinue Achebe, I found out that he had enlightened a lot of individuals through this his masterpiece; one that had led to the inspiration of the elite Igbo dying in quietude. Maybe favoured in a way by the so called Fatherland, hence finding it difficult to take sides.
        Right through the street of St Eugene, I saw for myself the journey of a hundred miles’ step taken by those I tag the “unfavoured populist” (population) of the Nigerian society. 

The “we are tired of Naija” set. 

          Why do I tag them unfavoured? This is because tribalism has allowed for improper representation in the Federal Character. Unknown to the shallow sighted Nigerian, it had been institutionalized from the time of the colonial administration, even to the time of handing down of independence in 1960. 


     Back to these large group of individuals protruding the beautiful roads which adorned the streets of Aba the almighty industrial city of the Eastern States. If you know what I mean, let’s leave the lying cat to lie. 

       This movement had commenced, also having been influenced by a radio station known as the Radio Biafra. The on air personality had been the widely known Nnamdi Kanu, who is presently jailed and locked up by the Buhari’s Government in a democratic system where the rule of law supersedes the heart’s desire of any individual; be it you or the number one citizen of the country.


       The troops of Biafran fans had been making an outcry that Nigeria “The Giant of Africa” had over stayed its welcome and not just that, but standing on the grounds that Fatherland had failed woefully, even with all its resources it still couldn’t find its Moses for that journey down to promise land. 

       I was amazed when I heard a heavy looking man appearing tautish from my point of view holding the Black, Green and Red colour flag saying “go and look at Ghana”. He gave some factual backing to his stance. I felt immediately like crying considering a nation I have so much regard for, knowing I have no other, had eventually become a mockery of itself being compared to Ghana which is not even half of its population and geographical coverage.

       What wasted work force and resources lying untapped and, even if tapped, mismanaged. What would be of its currency which is even shedding  values and its achievements together as a nation. 

        If this journey is finally accomplished by the Biafran movement, seeking autonomy,  for their own independent country. So this would mean that Nigeria would be no more. This, I couldn’t stand, as my mind’s eye romances the thought.

     How would this be achieved anyway, when the partially educated Northerners who I can opined are believed to love it by force holding tight to their popular Sharia Law and Islamic doctrines think its in their power to give this freedom to a people you did not almagamate?

         The great writer Achebe had made it clear in “There was a country” that there use to be a country until ultimate tribalism, divisionism established by the Colonial Masters just in the quest of utilizing its divide and rule technique and favouritism eventually ate deep into her colony’s bone marrows.

      What is the solution to this? If you choose to have my say, “back to the route and undo the earlier done”. Division for competition  so the illiterate half does not continue to hold back the ready elites; hence slowing down progress.

– Dan
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Facebook: Ugbang Daniel Fairo


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2 thoughts on “The Movement

  1. odey lovina tony

    The writer pecie is amazing with great courage I believe d sky is his limit

  2. Samuel Majekodunmi

    Good article. It’s high time we stop deceiving ourselves on how great nigeria is. The country needs serious restructuring in our constitutions, policies, way of reasoning for real growth. The lack of love for one another tells a lot on whether we can really continue to live together in peace. Someone needs to bring us together.

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