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The Lost Song
Worry, fear, anxiety
Numb fingers, bleeding heart
Broken soul and confused mind.
Chills pace my spine at the thought of me.

Everybody is happy but have you met me?
Won’t you take my hand and lead me away?
I thought it was not meant to be like this
I’ve learnt to face life alone.

Drowning in my own tears;
I realise how much I’ve hurt you;
How much pain I’ve caused you.
I need someone to blame but it’s definitely not you.

I try to approach you all of the time but I literally stop in my own tracks.
Won’t you reach out and draw me closer to your heart?;
And give me all of those things I secretly crave;
Peace, laughter and joy
That’ll seep deep and heal the wounds.
Maybe I’m whole after all,
Maybe all I crave I already possess,
Already possess but don’t really possess
What do I call this feeling?

I want out of this box, out of this prison I’ve subconsciously built
Maybe I’ll just blame me instead 
You warned me but I thought it was all lies
I thought you wouldn’t let me wander too far;

Too far into the cold;
Too far into the lonely woods
Till I got here
Only to realise;
To realise how far I’ve drifted

This is a heartfelt cry
A hearty scream
Find me, find me I beseech thee
Let me not suffer the shame of walking home empty handed
Let these mongers stone me with cruel words no more
Let me come back home.

Find me.

– Lola Lone
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