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The Lagos Logs – Day 39

Good morning Crown Nation,

      Its another morning in dirty smelly Lagos transportation. I don’t know why but I took my time getting ready this morning. I don’t know why, but I woke up intent on being as calm and collected as possible today.

      Yesterday at work started as as a regular Monday morning. We had our regular morning devotion and meeting when our editor dropped the bombshell. 

Mr. Momodu will be dropping by the office today for a meeting .

         I have to admit that I was actually excited to meet the legendary Dele Momodu, or Uncle Bob D as he is fondly known by the staff. The headquarters for the magazine is in Ghana so he rarely pays a visit to the office here in Lagos unless he is in town for an event or something.

     For us who have never met the publisher, we didn’t know what to  expect. We went about doing our various assignments and believe it or not, no one knew when he entered.

       I guess we were expecting loads of fan fare to make an entrance with him. It was quite the opposite actually. He was already upstairs when his driver entered and told us that he passed our offices and had gone upstairs for his meeting. 

      On his way out, he dropped in for a quick hello. He was simple and modest. He thanked us for a job well done and urged us to work harder to meet deadlines. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my selfie with him as he was hurrying out.

     I took away one lesson from meeting Uncle Bob D yesterday and that is “stay humble”. It’s important that we realize that the key to not only  getting the crown, but staying crowned, is humility. Let humility and modesty be your guard words for today.

      Before I sign off today i want to implore you  guys to continue voting for me as Best Student Blogger (Male) in the Nigerian Private University Awards (NPUA). You can vote by clicking here. Thanks again for the support. Till our next adventure, keep those crowns humble.

From The Lagos Side,

Baba Crown

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3 thoughts on “The Lagos Logs – Day 39

  1. Sharon

    True. HUMILITY z very important, although it has a cost….

  2. Orezimena

    Wats it all abt
    Jez heard Abt it today??

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