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The Lagos Logs – Day 35

 Hola Hola Crown Nation!

         It’s been more than a hot second since the last log. A lot has gone down since then so let’s get right to it. 

       My old man’s 50th birthday celebration was a success! I arrived at Ibadan on Thursday with my aunts to extensive birthday preparation.   

       The birthday proper happened on Saturday. There was a service at Living Faith Church, Ologuneru in the morning followed by a reception at Labod Event Centre in the afternoon. So many friends and relatives that I hadn’t seen since I first learned to talk were present.


       I have to admit that my favorite thing about the event was the fashion. Not only mine, but that of my parents and basically everyone in attendance. Everyone got the slay squad memo so we were all on fleek!

          On Sunday, we had a big ole thanksgiving at church. I danced like it was my own birthday. God has been so faithful to my family. I have watched my parents brave challenge after challenge, never giving up nor losing faith in Jesus. They deserved the celebration.

      I came back to Lagos on Sunday so I could make it to work on Monday morning. Monday was actually cool and not as stressful as usual. There was, however, a big dramatic blowout during the meeting after devotion but it was resolved. 

        Before we end today’s edition, I would like to thank you all for showing my song, All Roads, so much love. If you still haven’t downloaded it, kindly click here.

        Well what else can I say, it’s great to be back in Lagos. I have a good feeling about this new month. Have a blessed day ahead. Till our next adventure, keep your crowns up.

From The Lagos Side,

Baba Crown

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