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The Lagos Logs – Day 32

Good Morning Crown Nation.

      I’m stuck in traffic in my usual dirty Lagos transport. It’s funny how familiar with people we can become when we fall into a routine. For example, I come to the Ojuelegba bus stop at approximately the same time every day. As a result of this, I know a good number of the bus drivers and conductors. This is not because I made a conscious effort to know them but simply because of my routine. For whatever reason, I think it’s noteworthy.

Don’t mind me, I’m weird like that. 

          Yesterday at work was not without thrill. I finished up my article on Donald Trump and now I know more about the man than i would  care to.  I also paid a visit to our TV outfit, which is just upstairs. I saw the editing of raw footage from some of our events and the patching in of the voice overs. It looked cool and also very stressful. I hope it was worth it.

       On my way home, the bus driver was trying to form Baddo by multitasking. He was driving while doing the conductor’s job, despite the fact that we had a fully functional conductor.

I don’t what his problem was.

        As a result of his overzealous attitude, he ended up hitting another bus. My people, please whenever you are in a car, public or private, ensure that you are paying attention to the driver. It’s very important. Maybe if enough of  the passengers were paying attention yesterday, someone would have warned him before he made the hit.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

            Luckily for him, and us,  the other bus driver was benevolent enough to free us. I was especially happy because I was too tired to start looking for another bus to enter. All in all, yesterday wasa day without chill.

          Before we round off today, I’d like to remind you all that my new song, All Roads, is dropping in six days! I’m a box of nerves and excitement right now and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. You can help me spread the word by posting the image below on any of your social media accounts. 

      This is where we’ll call it off for today. Till our next adventure, keep your crowns up.

From The Lagos Side,

All Roads In Six Days

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