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The End Of Evil

The frogs gave a steady rhythm to my night.
The curtains obeyed the command of the gentle breeze.
Suddenly, time stopped; everything stilled.

I lay there, motionless.

My legs lost the strength to move;
I stared at darkness and it stared right back at me.
It was out there, the evil, and I knew it.

Many thoughts sprinted through my mind.
The silence became too loud to bear.
My breath became too cold from fear;
My heart beat harder and faster…it sensed it too, the evil.

I felt it hover over my head.
I held my breath and tried not to give myself away.
It retreated, this horror the night bore.
It was prepared to attack, just as much I suddenly became.


There was still silence.

I reached for the switch and turned on the lights.
There it lay, the evil, covered in thick blood.
The frogs rejoiced, and somehow, the wind too understood my victory.
The enemy was gone.


I stared at my dead enemy in the palm of my hand and let out a laugh.
That was how I killed it.

The mosquito that disturbed my night.

– Lola Lone
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