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The Day The Sun Didn’t Shine

The day the sun didn’t shine,
The sun came out as early as 7:30 that morning,
But didn’t have its usual bright shine.

Clothes washed and spread that morning were dry before 2pm,
But the sun still wasn’t shining.
The sad faces, the gloomy mood, The pitch dark emotions of everyone present was enough to make the sun lose its shine.

We were all sweaty feeling the profuse heat from the scorching sun,
Yet it just didn’t have that bright shine; not on that day.

Someone was praying, another was giving thanks,
One was telling tales on this sunny yet dull day.
To this day, I still question myself As to how the sun could have been so hot and not shine brightly at the same time.

Oh! I found my answer, the day Aunty Toyin died was the day the sun didn’t shine.
No, it just couldn’t.
For me, she knew how to make a cloudy day sunny; a gloomy day bright.

So the sun didn’t dare shine brightly the day I lost my favorite aunty.
No, it didn’t shine that day and at any other day or at any other time I remember her.

I still do.

– Dipo
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