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Becoming The Ultimate Stylista : Beyoncé Vs. Solange

      Hey there people of Earth! How was your week? Hopefully, it was better than mine. 

      Your friendly neighbourhood fashionista is herewith a question, what is style? 

        People everywhere are plagued by this question all the time, so as a friend, I thought I’d clear the air as to what style really is and help my friends on their journey to becoming a ‘stylista”.

      Style, as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary , is the particular way or manner in which a thing is done, performed or created.” I like how it says the particular way a thing is done. 

      Take for instance Gothic architecture; there are certain elements that must be present in a building before it is classified as gothic. The same thing goes for fashion.

       To be regarded as a true stylista, you need to have a thing that is yours; an element of fashion that you just own. A classic example is the The Knowles family. 

        Queen Bee has a beautiful body and she can rock anything; Miss Saint Heron (Solange) on the other hand doesn’t sport as amazing a body as her older sister and she may not be able to pull off half the outfits Queen Bee can, but she knows what works for her and what she likes and she just makes it work.

    I do remember when Miss Saint Heron had to struggle for the spotlight with her superstar sister; I mean with such a sister the struggle musta been hell’ but today; here and now, I can say that Miss saint heron has become one of the most stylish people on the planet. She is the queen of Hipster Chic. 

     Don’t get me wrong, I would raid Queen Bee’s closet, but Miss Saint Heron’s style is to die for. From her hair to the way she mixes and matches print (an art that takes eons to master) to her colour combos to Le Tomato red lip colour she sports to her bright shadow choices. My point is she has a thing.


     The power siblings recently sported the same coat. Queen Bee wore it well; she slayed, but she didn’t wear it any different from the way any other sexy somebori would have. Maybe a different bag or pair of shoes or an updo instead of letting le tresses down, but nothing out of the ordinary. 

     Miss Saint Heron wore said coat as a dress, coupled with a pair of shoes with identical colours. Someone will read this and say I’m biased; nothing extraordinary about how Miss Saint Heron rocked the coat. Maybe, but wouldn’t you rather wear it the way she did?  

      Style is about looking at an item of clothing or a fabric and imagining the possibilities; making yourself a kaleidoscope for others. I know I would’ve worn that coat as a coat, not as a dress. Miss Saint Heron has successfully changed my mind. That’s style.

      Style is your identity, your way of expressing yourself with clothing where words fail. Its not just about looking good; its about looking you.

What’s your style? Leave comments.

     Until next week, stay cuu. Pizz awt ✌?️

– Eseosa
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