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All You Need To Know About Naija’a Very Own Automobile, IVM.


      Today on Car Freaks, we will be talking about IVM. You are probably wondering what a IVM is? It’s the first and only made in Nigeria vehicle. You may be asking “what about Peugeot?” Well the vehicle is not made in Nigeria, it’s only  assembled in Nigeria.

      IVM stands for Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, located at Nnewi Anambra State. It is owned by Mr. Innocent Chukwuma (OON). 70%-80% of its vehicle parts are made locally in Nigeria while 20%-30% are imported from either China, Japan or Germany.
IVM has a model of saloon car called the IVM Taxi or Fox . They also have an SUV named IVM G5, 2 pickup trucks, an IVM Carrier and IVM carrier 4WD . 

      They have quite a number of buses, from mini vans to luxurious buses. When talking about performance we don’t expect a super charged car from them but we know they are trying their hardest to give us the best. 

       It’s not an easy task to own an automobile company, but I believe in years to come that they too will start producing super cars.

       Now let’s talk about the car’s performance. The IVM Taxi/Fox has a 1.5L engine with 83kw calibration power. The SUV IVM G5 has a 2.4L 100/5250 calibration power and comes in both manual and automatic transmission. Let’s just talk about these two products. You may feel that the cars are not charged enough but I am telling you these vehicles are made especially for Nigerians. 

     They are rugged for our roads and considerably cheap compared to the normal circular cars. You may be wondering “if anything happens to the car, how will I get it repaired?” or “how do I get parts for the car?” That is the problem with IVM now. The problem is that IVM has workshops and dealers nationwide and after sale services also is available.

      Talking about the body shape, IVM has nice body shapes for all their products. From their cars, to the SUVS and to the buses, they come in exciting ranges of colors to choose from. Their vehicles have nice elegant interiors.

      I think one of the challenges IVM will be having is that we Nigerians believe made in Nigeria products are fake and don’t last long. We don’t appreciate locally made goods; its “Oyinbo’s” own that we want. I will plead with us to please patronize products of our very own as it will help a lot in the growth of the economy and also give Nigeria a place in the automobile Industry. 

     When next you or your parebts want to buy a car, go for IVM and I know you won’t regret it. “I hope has convinced you and not confused you”, as they say in debates. Have a nice weekend ahead and as always #StayCrowned〽️

– Oba
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