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Submission Protocol



To submit a post to be included in The Crown Series, you need to send the following information to [email protected] :

  1.  Post Fee
  2. Your Full Legal Name
  3. The Title Of Your Post
  4. The Genre Of Your Post
  5. A Profile Picture Of Yourself (Optional)
  6. Your Original And Creative Post
  7. Your Social Media Accounts You’re Comfortable Sharing Online (Optional)

Basic Protocol

  1. The price list for the various posts can be found below. After you send the initial e-mail with the requirements listed above, a confirmatory receipt e-mail will be sent to you with the details of the account which you will send the post fee to.
  2. The profile you send cannot be a selfie; it must be a picture taken with a high quality camera and it must clearly show your face.
  3. The post you send in must be an original piece, if it is not, you are liable to sued for Copyright by The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC).
  4. Ensure to send only the social media accounts you’re comfortable sharing online to avoid possible invasion of privacy.

Post Fee List

Crown Feature- ₦7,500

Promotional Posts – ₦2,500

Music – ₦5,500

Videos – ₦6,500

For more inquiries about the submission process, call (+234) 9030140838 .