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Show How Crowned You Are And #SaveARoyal!- Here’s How!

Kings and Queens!

Let’s live up to the expectations of our names.

This is a far cry that needs to be heard! We can’t turn out backs on one another! 

Not after 4 years!

Not after the strive,the pains,the fears! 

We are one family. The Royal Set of  2016/2017. Let’s help our own!

To most of us, graduating in November is standard with all the glamourous preparations, ravishing outfits and garnishing smiles. To others, graduating at all is a mirage because they haven’t even been acknowledged by the school as graduates. 


This is because of their inability to complete their fees. For how long are we going to sit, look, sympathize but yet, do nothing? For how long will we say ‘All is Well’ and ‘ God will provide’ when we do nothing to prove the existence of God to others? They are not demanding for dresses and suits for convocation, nor footwears for recognition, all they need is the means to the finalization of their education.

No amount is too small. No amount! Remember that life isn’t meaningful without helping others and life isn’t complete without impacting  the lives of others.

We rise by helping others. Our lives aren’t ours, neither do we own ourselves because nothing we have is truly ours.We are just custodians of whatever we think we own. To a world where selfishness, wickedness and hatred governs, the dream of a better tomorrow lies not only in our heart and philosophy, but with our hands.
Here’s How You Can Save A Royal!

Please let’s spread to all group chats, Instagram pages, Twitter handles, Snapchat, Facebook, BBM and WhatsApp. 


– BecToyin

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