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About Us


The Art Of ADE is an interactive online platform for creative minds of all types to share their works. The Art Of ADE was launched on April 4 2015 by Isaac Adeoluwa Atayero and has quickly become a creative outlet for creative minds around the world.This site prides itself in posting quality, original and creative pieces that inspire, inform and resonate with our readers, who refer to as Crown Nation.

Crowners, our writers and artists, can post songs, poems, videos, write-ups, articles, stories, artwork or any original creation of theirs on the site. Any work that is creative and original is welcomed on The Art of ADE. We also have columnists on the site who contribute inspiring content to Crown Nation on a weekly basis. Our columnists are referred to as The Crown Team. This site is people driven because it strives to promote the individual writer and artist by giving them a channel to showcase their pieces to the world.

The Art Of ADE is more than just a site, however, it is also a community. A community of artists and writers working arduously to usher in a new age of  quality literary excellence.To ensure that the caliber of the site is maintained, there is a fee for posting on the site. The fee varies based on the type of the post.This site, apart form being an avenue to publish and discover, is , mainly a forum for conversations among Crowners and Crown Nation alike; so come on aboard and join the conversation.