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Quick Easy Steps For Making Yam Porridge


        So many of us usually make ugly faces at the mention of beans. If you’re like me, you’ll always be angry anytime mum tells you it’s beans for dinner. Well, I got over my hatred for beans once I discovered that eating beans can be interesting after all.

Eating beans can be interesting after all.

       If you’re the type that runs away anytime it’s time to cook, it’s high time you stopped because you can’t get what you desire out of beans if you don’t partake in the making. After asking a number of people, I discovered that so many people believe only food sellers can make white beans and stew enjoyable (Ewa Ganyin). Well, I put it to you that it’s not true. 


        You can make it in your home and with a reasonable and affordable amount. For the beans, make sure you cook it till it’s soft and tender. If you want, you can use rolling stick to turn it into pudding depending on how you want it.
     For the stew, you need pepper (Ata Rodo), onions, palm oil, Ponmo (N200 or more depending on your pocket), crayfish (optional) and seasonings as you desire. Fry the stew and enjoy with the already prepared beans. 

      You can eat it with bread, fried plantain, fried yam or just alone.
Now to the beans porridge special, all you need is a bunch of banana to make the food yummier.


  1. Once the beans is soft and tender, add sliced pepper and onions instead of ground pepper, seasonings and palm oil. 
  2. When it is almost done, add the sliced banana. Allow it to steam for few minutes and then it’s ready.

      Trust me, you’ll love it. It’ sweeter when you eat it the day after. For adventurous spirits, my brother suggested that you can add sliced scent leaves (I’ve never tried it though but you never can tell,you may love it ).

       You can also enjoy corn and beans porridge, yam and beans porridge and other delectable combinations depending on how creative you want to be. Keep your mind open and you will be surprised at what you are capable of when it comes to cooking.
I hope after now, you will be able to smile when mom tells you it’s beans for dinner. 


– Bolaji
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