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Photos From BUCA 2018 Wakanda Themed Shoot

The Journey To BUCA Has Been A Long One . Like Any Other Journey It Has Its Detours, Potholes, Occasionally The Vehicle Breaks Down A Little Bit Of Traffic And Maybe A Little Mischief From The People On The Journey. We Also Have Those Moments, The Special Moments When Everything Is Working Out Perfectly. The Vehicle Moves At Pace Without Slowing Down At All, The Things Needed For The Journey Are Intact And Ready ! And When It All Boils Down To It We Never Burn Out! BUCA 2.0 Nominees List Out Everywhere Soon! #WhoWillWearTheCrown #BUCA 2.0

Check out: The Colors Collection By Oloruntoba


Folajomi Oyeneyin
Tania Dada
Olabisi Atoyebu
Oluwakorede Akinkuolie
Alatise Bolaji

Photography by Mohi Studio


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