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Pay Yourself First- Here Are 8 Skills You Should Invest In As A Creative In 2019!

It is incredibly amazing, how people have eyes yet can not see. There is one powerful lesson I learnt when an opportunity showed up for Amara and me. While I come from a science background, Amara majored in the arts.  We both knew what self-improvement literally meant but looking back now, I can’t say we knew how important it was until we matched our actions when the opportunity came.
I was surfing the internet one fateful day when I stumbled on an opportunity for a writing masterclass training on Facebook.  (It is obvious how some readers still wonder how possible it is to attend training without a physical workspace, even after crossing into the new millennium. Well, hear this now. Things have drastically changed as we’ve moved into the 21st century and everything has gone digital. That’s the power of social media.) I informed Amara about the training, hoping she would embrace it. Surprisingly, she declined but rather excused herself to attend it on a later date which was quite unlike her. I embraced the opportunity although it came at a time when my finances were lean.
Three weeks later, judgement day came for Amara, an out-going exco of a student’s body to handover her position as the treasurer, to a ‘new’ hand. She had to present an outgoing speech.
Amara beeped my lines, severally, anxious and fretting about how to go about writing her handover speech.  While I accepted to assist her with her task, she could vividly see how well she misused the opportunity to improve her writing skills. Hours later, after she gave the speech, she beamed with smiles, as the audience rose to a standing ovation, having listened to her laudable handover speech.  When she met me, it was all hugs and kisses to the attention of onlookers.
It is paramount that you know the reason why you should engage in anything you are about to do just before you do it. The reason is not far fetched, as it gives you a clear sense of purpose and focus.
Engaging in personal development is necessary for the following reasons:
• Self-awareness (self-knowledge, especially as it pertains to purpose discovery)
• A sense of direction(purpose)
• Improved focus and effectiveness
• More fulfilling relationships
You may ask, what sort of skills can you invest in to increase your productivity? I’ve got you covered. We’ve long moved from the analogue age, where things are done manually to the digital era – the 21st century.
8 Top Skills to invest in this 21st century are:
• Public speaking
• Writing
• Digital marketing
• Project management
• Google analytics
• Coding(programming)
• Web development(web designing)
• Excel knowledge(Ms Excel proficiency)
How do you begin investing in your self could be another question that resonates in you. I still got you covered.  There are lots of ways to achieve this but what I’ll suggest are powerful strategies that I’ve begun applying and you should put to work.
4 Ways You Can Invest In Yourself:
• Read quality books
• Become the boss of your money
• Find a coach(in whatever field you choose to major in)
• Never stop learning.
Putting all these strategies to work should make 2019 the most productive year you’ve ever encountered. I look forward to hearing your testimonies. Do not joke with your Personal development!
How much has this content helped you? Fire me a response in the comment section below, let me know.
– Chinedu Ezeanekwe
#StayCrowned ⚜

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