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On Meetings & Certificates

By Babatunde Busari

An adage says “you are a product of the type book you read and the type of people you meet”.

This simply means you have to watch out for the type of people that will help you to build your future. People often dream about a future that they can never feature in and make no steps towards securing said future.

If you are not ready to build a future for yourself, some people will hire you to build their dream. The best time to decide what you want to be in life is during your youthful years. If you’ve not been working on it, then you have to start now.

Time is an important element in life that we all have to take seriously because if you lose it, you can never get it again.

The work you do during your youthful years will determine what your future and old age will look like. In everything you do, always try your best and pray.

People say that education is the best legacy but is it really? Does having a degree guarantee success in life? The answer is no. Education doesn’t guarantee success in life but it will only help you in whatever field you find yourself. We all should try and discover our talent.It might take a long time to discover it, its not by how long, its by how well.

Albert Einstein once said everybody is a genius.The road to success is not always smooth.Every successful man in life will have a story to tell.Its not easy to get to the top. My boss, Mr Olayiwola Adedapo (CEO Layad and Partners) always says “if you’re not ready to work hard in your youth, you will later be a labourer in your life.

Let us always think widely.Try so hard and think outside the box. Make sure you always have an alternative.Put God first in everything you do. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

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