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NER #5

We vowed ‘for better and for worse’
To you, it only meant ‘for better for go’
You got easily nauseated and Irritated by my presence

Those offensive odours of body Discharge engineered your Physical desendence on me

Thus, to the black eye and red cheeks you emblemed on me daily,

I say be mute

To your dishonour of holy Matrimony by flirting with Maidens of hour glass

I say be mute

For the hurt that filled my heart As I crawled from the balcony
All hair gone and behold you Standing with the young boy you Called your son

I say, be mute

For all the nights I stayed up nigh
Hoping to hear your car wail

I say, keep mute.

To all the times I am introduced By you as a product of your humanitarian charity,

Be mute

With your nonchalant and brutal Behaviours you broke four universal vows.
In anticipation for the fifth,
You drove me out across snowbank

Then I,with a willful power, took charge
And to the last vow, “till death do us part”,
I knocked on your door on Sunday Night in the most glamorous appearance ever
Dressed in a dashing red polka Dot jumpsuit accompanied with a Cream heeled shoe moreso,
My hair revived and smiling like Baby Jesus with a glance of how Miserable you looked,

I sat, listened to your pleas,
Your excuses,
Your promises.
They could only be compared to Food to a dead man.

I pulled off the devaluated ring You gave me,threw it at your Sobbing miserable face and Slammed the door.

Now I have my five fingers back
My ring finger deepens with Immerse hurt
The proximal phalanx hurts
And its colour has been outcasted from others

But soon to heal.

– BecToyin
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