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NER #4

My golden day only turned grey after some days.
Being a victim of egocentric egoism,
I cleaved to his vows each day
Daily, it seemed like filling up a basket with water but
I kept hoping that perhaps someday,you would puzzle my dissilusions and prove yourself to be the Cinderella man I grew to love

I was blinded and failed to realize that all was fantasy,
You vowed “to have and to hold”,
Yes! you had me for a silly time
When the bliss of marriage still encumbered our hearts
But let go of your hold in a flight
And found another hand to hold on to.

You broke your vow,”to love and to cherish”
As the extent of your love only clicked in seconds.
You threw my love to the dogs
And forcefully devoured my pride, which I vowed to rightfully give you that night.

For your vow “to cherish”,
You only implemented with your ears response to ‘jollof’ and ‘iyan’
Making me a slave to your friends.

You vowed to be with me in sickness and in health
But the morning after my visit to the doctor,
You lashed me with words
And I became a refuse you were desperate to dump.

To you, my presence stinked horribly
And my illness degenerated simultaneously with your brutal remarks.

You reminded me daily of my everlasting unproductivity
So close and yet far you seemed to me
In health I was yours
But in sickness,never was.

To be continued…

– BecToyin
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  1. Sharon

    Wow wow wow… #sobs# but in sickness never his….

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