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NER #3

I cry not at the thought of losing you,
But with the pain of your memories daily
I cry not because I cared less,
But because I cared more to let you go
I cry when my memories are fresh,
Because i made most with you.

I cry because you taught me
That pain demands to be felt
I cry knowing fully well that
Your cry’s hurrying near

I cry through all the imaginary illusions we both had about life
Because they have all been disillusioned
I cry because soon people will look at me,
Shake their heads and look away

I cry at the sight of you daily
I cry because I owe so much to you
As you do to me

I cry when I think about you with another of my kind
I cry because I regret having not been good enough
I cry because you cried through all these
The day we cried our last cry together

Numerous nights I lay at bed thinking of what we used to be
I cry because your image just seems registered in me
Getting you back is definitely a white horse project

Oh!youthful age..
The thought of losing you soon hurts badly
I miss you already!

Always missed you!

I cry because for now, that’s all i can do!

Can you wait a while?

I don’t wanna grow old…

At least…not now.

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