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My Love and My Foe

I’m still trapped in the black hole of endless regret
I’ve been black mailed and forced to love an enemy
My true love is slowly being dropped into a casket
While my foe is draining all the joy there is left of me.
My true love calls unto me
But my foe continually keeps her mute
Im drowning in an ocean of sadness
because my foe would not let her go free

I don’t know how long I can keep this going
Or when my heart will start healing
My heart has been stabbed
It is now bleeding
I’m clouded by grief and sadness
The light at the end of the tunnel seems very dim
Only one person increases the intensity of this light
But she has been locked for commiting no sin

But I’m still held spell bound by my lover
By her mere sight I go blank and cold
Although my heart has been coerced to beat for a foe
my heart has been captured by my lover
Irrespective of changes in season
I pledge my heart wouldnt beat for another
It beats only for her
Her and no other

Martin Iyi

IG: @Martin_Iyi

FB: Martin_Iyi

#StayCrowned ⚜

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  1. Thanks, friend 🙂 one day, perhaps!

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