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Movie Review : The Wedding Party

By Isaac Adeoluwa Atayero

     Anyone who knows me knows how badly I have wanted to see The Wedding Party since the trailer came out last summer. It looked so refreshing with the excellent bursts of color, star studded cast and seemingly comical plot. When the movie was finally out in cinemas, however, one thing or the other would hinder me from seeing it. If it wasn’t sold out tickets, it would be my economic climate. The hype of the movie added with my own personal delays made the movie more and more delectable that i began to wonder, “Is it possible for this movie to meet up with all this hype?”

     Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to tell you that it did. The FilmOne Distribution, Koga Studios, Inkblot Productions (Elfikke Collective) and EbonyLife Film which was directed by A list music video director and first time movie director, Kemi Adetiba, was without a doubt an unparalleled success. 

      The Romantic Comedy is a genre of movies that Nollywood usually has a hard time capturing successfully, especially when they try to recreate Hollywood’s classic masterpieces. This is not the case with The Wedding Party, which  is definitely a leap in the right direction for the Nigerian movie industry.

     From the witty script to the mouth watering camera work, the movie scores high points on all the technical aspects of film making. As amazing as the movie was technically, it was the cast that brought it right home. With the caliber of actors on board for this project, it comes as no suprise that the movie has become not only an instant hit but also an instant classic.

    I have to admit that I am always weary of movies that have casts that are as star studded as The Wedding Party. This is because they usually end up being overly produced hours of “award grabbing” acting. Thankfully, The Wedding Party, proved me wrong.

     From Banky W (Dozie Onwuka) and Adesua Etomi (Dunni Coker), the movie’s leading couples to Atunyota Akpobome [Alibaba], Sola Sobowale , Ireti Doyle, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Zainab Balogun, AY Makun, Ikechukwu, Beverly Naya, Enyinna Nwigwe, EmmaOhMaGod, Lepacious Bose and Frank Donga, there seemed to be more stars in this one film than the night sky. It should be noted, however, that just like the stars in the night sky shine in harmony, so did the ones in The Wedding Party.

     Everyone in the cast was as brilliant as can be, but there are a couple of people worthy of honorable mention. The number one person that had the entire cinema literally LOLing the most times was without a doubt Sola Sobowale. She was brilliant as Tin Tin Coker; as funny and authentic as ever. Following her closely is Ireti Doyle, whose stuck up performance as Obiannuju Onuka was too believable. Banky W and RMD gave such a heartwarming  performance as a father and son duo. For Banky’s first leading role on the big screen, he knocked it out of the park. A huge shoutout to Ikechukwu, who portrayed Sola, the worst best man ever, for being an awesome comic relief character and receiving several slaps to his bald head. The biggest surprise of the movie had to be Zainab Balogun. I could barely recognize her past the wig and who knew that The Spot presenter could speak Yoruba so well!          

       My favourite thing about the movie, which is about the many obstacles that Dozie, the playboy (Banky W) and Dunni, the good girl (Adesua Etomi) face on the day of their wedding, is that it is able to stay true to its Nigerian roots. Every Nigerian will immediately relate with the Owanbe cliches expertly placed throughout the movie. From the soundtrack to the entrance of the families at the reception, this movie is many things but pretentious is not one of them.


      A standing ovation and a doff of my cap goes  to Kemi Adetiba for her direction and brilliant depiction of Lagos with the use of breathtaking camera angles. Although the entire movie takes place in just one day, the top notch script informs you adequately without flashabacks, boring you or losing focus. The movie is absolutely hilarious and you should definitely go and see it. Let me know if you agree with my verdict of the Mo Abudu produced Romcom. 

     I would tell you more about the plot but trust me, that would ruin it for you. The Wedding Party is showing in cinema houses all around the country so you really have no excuse not to go and see it and support Made In Nigeria.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review : The Wedding Party 

  1. Jay

    You spoke my mind. Wedding party is Nollywood’s breakthrough.

  2. Adeyinka Daniel

    Very apt review sir. #Wehdonsir 🙂

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