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From An Anthology: Memory’s Pain 

From The Rising Sunset Anthology

While all day, the master we please

Hoping that someday, he’ll grant our release

But when we loiter, or it chances he please

Then the whip, our master, he stings like the bees


Times we’d groaned in pain, and cried for mother

Times we prayed for rain, and cheered one another

Days, when at death’s door we’d laid in troubled sleep

Yet he’ll sing that encore with his whip our backsides rip


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I remember and I cry, we prayed earnestly,

That dying we should die, but life insisted us to keep

And with every day came the master’s whip


‘Tis been a long time now, since

Freedom broke the devil’s chains

I remember now and I wince,

For I am free Not from memory’s pain.

-Femi Adewumi


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