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Let’s Talk About Rice, Shall We?

     While in school before the summer break, I complained endlessly about eating the same food everyday. This food I’m referring to is rice. I promised myself to stay away from rice as much as possible once I got home, but little did I know that the future was laughing at me.

     I got home expecting a variety of meals, excluding rice. As I entered the house,  I asked my mum for food and she simply told me to go the kitchen and serve myself rice and stew. I was so sad, but as soon I entered the kitchen and saw the stew for the rice, every idea against rice flew out of the window.

 So much for staying away from rice.

      That’s the beauty of rice, you can’t just say no to a good plate of rice and stew. In this country, once there’s no more rice in the house, there’s no more food in the house. Even when you say  you’re tired of eating rice, notwithsatnding the outrageous prices it is sold, we  will still eat rice.  


        The blessing to this unavoidable meal is that you get to chose how you want it. Even if you decide to cook the normal white rice, the stew or sauce  you decide to eat with it can make it extraordinary. (I’ll drop the recipe for the amazing sauce for rice one of these days). Rice can also be used to make fried rice, coconut rice, rice pudding among others. 

      Now it’s time to talk about my favourite rice dish of all. I know you’ll agree with me that one of Naija’s most savory  signature dishes is the famous Nigerian Jollof Rice. It is simply the best. You can’t have enough of typical Naija Jollof. 

As they say, a party is not complete without jollof rice. A party without Jollof rice is a meeting o!!

       I’ll stop here now and continue with my rice and beans, feel free to dig in.

Stay yummy fellas!

– Bolaji
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