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Call To Action: Let Us All Be Feminists

Shouldn’t We All Be Feminists?

I hear of the word ‘female’
And my face in animation lights
Like someone drinking ale,
On a wonderful night

My face lights up to the female generation
That you and I want
It is a generation
That is in conflict with this current one we want lost

Because we live in a world where females are seen
As a weak sex
A world where females are seen
Only as a required tool for sex

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There’s More To The Woman!

I refuse to concur
To the barbaric teachings given to the female
That to man she has to concur
As that is what it entails to be a female

But then, men are constantly taught
To see females as underneath them, the man
To have a useless ego is what they are taught
That that is what a man needs to be, a man

No! As a female
I say no to this inhumane culture
That kills the dreams and aspirations of a female
All because of the selfish interest of some ancestor

Why would a woman with all her might
Create a niche for herself
But would get killed, all her insight
Because the success is for the man and not herself

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Let’s say no to this culture
That was created by a set of selfish men
Because we created our culture
Not culture created men

I look forward to seeing
A future where women are more respected
I look forward to seeing
A future where females are greatly heard

I am proud to be a female
And more than that a feminist
But I am more proud to be a happy female
That will change the world and make it feminist

Let’s all be feminists
Females deserve equal rights

– Temil
IG: @Its_temil
Twitter: @Its_temil
Tel: 08037930283
Facebook: Princess Precious Hardeydoyin


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