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Last Words For Mama Abiku

What would words write and say about
Abiku again? You that comes…
You come and go like swift seasons.
No-body knows you're some-body;
You're the living tomb in the womb
and the oil couldn't bless your breath.

Hence, Iya Abiye led to death
and her wisdom was so foolish.
The night cried as it creep'ly crawl
and mourners shoe weep in proud beads.
But we never know if he'll stay
because Abiku is now dead;
He'll live the cradle 'fore casket
and not be burned like bright ashes
nor be smitten as the best clay,
He'll come to stay when he is gone.

The owl will howl and twos will chirp
for heaven will smile on Mama….
Just tell quelled Mama Abiku
to save her tears in two baskets;
So that when Abiku lives 'gain,
She'll forget Abiku once died.

Iya Abiye; The nurse in charge of child birth
Abiku: A child born to die or die without much sparm breath

– Philip Peace
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One thought on “Last Words For Mama Abiku

  1. Omolola AROWOLO

    Nice one… Really nice… I like “the living tomb in the womb”.

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