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How To Securely Hide Media Files On Android
      Many times, we get infuriated, mad, angry and sometimes filled with guilt when some of the media files on our smartphones are being accessed by unauthorized persons. The emotion that runs through you at that moment will be determined by the type of media content on your device e.g. adult content, personalized tutorials, clips of you & your friends engaging in “silly acts” e.t.c.
     Back in the days of Java and Symbian phones, only a few users knew how to maneuver their ways through “blue ftp” in order to hide or conceal media files; back then, those people were seen as mini gods.
      In this tutorial, I’ll teach you two effective ways to hide your media files without your gallery app discovering them. 

Method 1: Vault
  – This is an android app that has been around for a very long time and it’s been doing it’s work efficiently and effectively. What this app does is to hide your chosen files and encrpyt them with a passcode; only people with the passcode can access the files kept in the application.
         This app’s user interface makes it easy to use. However, there are a couple of problems associated with the usage of this app, which are : the app’s unauthorized background operation when you boot up your smartphone, thereby increasing battery consumption. Another problem with the app is that it will arouse suspicion when spotted by someone who knows what it’s being used for. You also  need to pay a monthly premium user fee of 100 naira and once your passcode is forgotten because there’s no way to recover your hidden files. 

Method 2: Es File Explorer Pro – Es File Explorer Pro is a third-party file manager app. It’s  main function is to allow you to access the files on your internal and external storage in case your device doesn’t have a factory file manager app.     

       To hide files with this app is a very simple task because all you have to do is unify the files in question. This simply means you will move all the files you’d like to hide to a specific folder where only you will know. 

      After you  can mark all the files, select the option to rename all the files’ extension(this is what makes your smartphone discern one media type from the other; jpg is for images, mp4 is for clips while mp3 is for audio files) and rename it as your initials. 

     To access the hidden files, all you have to do is go to the folder where all the files are placed, click on the particular one you want to access, Es File esplorer will ask you to choose a format in which you want to execute the file and then you’ll choose one that’s suitable for your needs at that point in time. 

      These are the best ways to hide your personal media files from the preying eyes of friends, family members and other intruders. Till next time, #StayCrowned〽️

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