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How to Keep Your Android Apps from Lagging
Mobile applications were introduced to smartphones is to help simplify the tasks of users. Mobile apps offer a wide range of services and they also cover nearly all digital aspects. The advent of mobile applications brought about the instantaneous ease of tasks. It has basically changed the view and orientation of users about work on mobile phones.
Awesome and powerful programs have been embedded in very light mobile applications with a vast variety of functions. Despite the numerous day-to-day benefits of mobile applications, having too many apps on a mobile device will definitely limit its performance. When you accumulate apps on your mobile phone and you become skeptical about the ones you need and otherwise, optimization for better performance comes in.
Let’s discuss some of the ways you can optimize your mobile applications.

1. Uninstall Unneccessary Apps: As much as your desire to have many apps on your phone for work related reasons or simply for bragging rights, it’s advisable to remove the ones you use less often in order to create some space on your phone’s internal storage. This will improve the performance of your phone. 

Many people don’t know that some apps run in your phone’s background even when you’re sure you have closed them from the task manager. These types of apps choke your phone’s ram. For a less busy and efficient ram, remove some of your old and unused apps NOW!

2. Close Applications Running In The Background: As mentioned in earlier, some applications don’t close by removing them from the task manager, they still run in the background. To close these types of applications, navigate to settings>apps>running apps and close your recently used apps from there.

3. Clear Cache For The Individual App:  Application cache stores your behavior and usage pattern while making use of a particular application. Cache files stored over a long period of time will take up the space on your memory card or internal storage, making the operation of your mobile phone slow and annoying. 

It is a good maintenance habit to clear your cache data from individual apps. To clear cache data, navigate to settings >apps> and choose the application of your choice. Click on the “clear cache” option.

Just in case you do not have the time to close background applications, clear cache data and do the other advised operations that’ll help increase your mobile phone efficiency. You can employ a lightweight android app to do that for you with a click. Go to your Play Store, search for “Systweak Android Cleaner” and simply install and run the app.

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