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How To Fix An Invalid IMEI / NVRAM Error


    Invalid IMEI / NVRAM Error usually occurs after flashing a MediaTek Android device with its stock/custom firmware through SP Flashtools or custom recovery plus when a factory reset is carried out on the device. This error is not a fatal one, i.e., your device will function the way its suposed to. The device will boot up normally and you can carry out several tasks on your Android. However, the only restriction is the inability to connect to cellular/Wi-Fi networks. 

      In this post, I am going to teach you how you can manually fix your Android device with an “invalid imei” error all by yourself. I will highlight two methods below, both are aimed at helping you fix your smartphone. Simply choose one you seem to comprehend more. Here we go!

Method 1 : Fixing Through MTK Droid tools –  MTK Droid tools is a multi-tool PC software specially designed to help with all sort of MTK operations such as rom backup, imei backup, restoration of rom e.t.c. 

       To fix through this software, write out your phone default imei. This can be found on your smartphone’s battery or at the back of your device after removing your battery. Run the MTK Droid tools app on your PC while your phone is connected. 

    Wait for the app to detect your device, go to the imei section and simply fill out the imei information you had earlier noted down, then click on apply. After this has been done, reboot your device and your imei numbers/mobile network would have been restored.

Method 2 : Fixing Through Chamelephon – Chamelephon is a simple android app that allows you to easily change your device imei number without much stress. All it requires of you is that you fill out your imei or generate random ones as provided by the app. After this, click on change imei, reboot your device and your smartphone will be back on track.

       These are the two sure ways to fix our phones whenever we make a factory reset or flash a new rom. I really hope this post will help someone out there.

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