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His Will Is Only A Suggestion

In the life of every creature,there is the default setting and there is the custom setting.The default setting represents God’s will, while the custom setting represents man’s will.
I remember a certain phone I had bought one time.I brought it out of the pack and switched it on without reading the manual. I scrolled through the phone, and I don’t know why but something pushed me into the settings area. I began resetting different functions on the phone randomly.

Soon enough the phone began malfunctioning.I scrolled through the phone over and over again but I didn’t know which of the settings I messed with that caused the issue with the phone.I went back to the manual and I found out I had done one of the don’ts and so I had to send it to one of the company’s outlets. I must say it cost a bit and I kept thinking “Had I Known?”

My experience with my phone is similar to our lives. Our lives are a product of God’s manufacturing company and distributors are our parents. Many times we attempt to defy God’s will and do ours. When we face the consequences,we run to our parents.Unfortunately,they are only distributors,they have no expert knowledge about how this product works and so we are left with no option than to look for the manufacturer whom we once neglected.

My two cents? Stick with the manufacturer’s will!

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