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Harmful Effects Of Laptop Radiation And Ways To Reduce Exposure To It


         Your laptop like all other electronic devices, emits radio waves; which in turn creates a magnetic field causing exposure to electromagnetic fields. The above is what we term as laptop radiation. Most people do not realize using a laptop on your lap for too long can have many adverse effects on their health. Damage to the skin is the most common laptop usage effect. 

    The urge to prevent laptop usage from hurting us is the sole reason why laptop radiation protection is of utmost importance. To better understand the harmful effects of laptop radiation, let’s skim through the damages it can cause.

1. It can affect blood cells and cause DNA damage. 

2. It can cause damage to nerve cells.

3. Exposure to radiation can trigger the mobile Alzheimer.

4. Possibly they may contribute to autism and eye damage. 

5. It can cause headaches, sleep disturbances and fatigue. 

6. It contributes to tumors of the salivary glands and can affect your blood pressure and heart rate. 

7. It can cause a decrease in bone density especially in the pelvic region. 

8. There is a danger of irritability, decreased sperm count and  depression.

Ways to limit our exposure to harmful laptop radiation.

1. Don’t use your  laptop too often –  Yes, it is very obvious, but it is likely you will not want to sacrifice your laptop. The more you use, the more the detrimental effects on your health you incur. Try to limit your laptop usage because it is an effective option for radiation protection.

2. Resist The Temptation To Place Your Laptop On Your Laps – We understand and agree that the placement of our laptop on our laps is the most convenient way to sort out whatever we intend to on time. However, if you do not want to hurt yourself and spend your savings on pills, keep the laptop off your lap.

       Your best bet is to find a flat surface where the laptop can be placed for as long as your activity on it lasts. This will make it easy for you to use your laptop. However, if you do not want to use it that way, you’ll have to go with the solution below.

 3. Use A Laptop Shield That Is Of High Quality – You can use a high quality shield to reduce direct exposure to laptop radiation. This will help you use your laptop as you wish while being protected from any harmful effects. The main purpose of the shield is to protect you from harmful radiation which is worth the money if you ask me.

    Keping the above points at the back of your mind will help protect you from harmful radiation. You’re welcome.

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