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Guest Crown Note #12

Crowners' Originals3.jpgCOMPARISON
By Promise Soleye

Comparison sounds like a small word but this small act kills people much faster than even society does. What is comparison? It is defined by various dictionaries as the act of comparing two things in search of similarities or differences. Personally, I would define comparison as the mental judgement that is done by an individual based on self knowledge. Many times as humans we tend to compare ourselves trying to figure out who is better and if we turn out to be the one with less advantages and we start to kill our self esteem, we lose our self confidence solely based on this mental judgement. We are all guilty of this one way or the other.
When a person sees his fellow course mate with whom they studied together has become richer than him, he begins to question himself, asking questions like: “Is it not the same school we went to?”, “Did we not spend the same amount of years in university?”, “Where did I ever go wrong?”, ” Why do we have to face this mental judgement?” and “Why do we have to kill ourselves?”.

The next time you are about to judge yourself remember you can never know what anybody is actually going through and we all see what everybody wants us to see about them. You can only be compared to yourself and since no two people are the same, I want to believe we are all very special and rare in our different ways. No matter what you think of yourself you are a gem and the only time you lose this rareness is when you are walking in the image of another person. A diamond can never be like gold because if it is it loses its very essence. Sapphire can never be mistaken for emerald because they all have their uniqueness. If you think being as curvy as Khloe Kardashian or having the life of Chris Brown or the personality of whoever you adore will make you better, remember that the same God who created the mountains, the galaxies, the oceans, the seas, the pretty flowers, looked down at earth and thought He needed you too, not a replica of anyone, but you. Be flattered!

– Promise Soleye
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  1. Chibby

    Keep on spreading the word, Solex.
    by ur sis. Chibby

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