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Guest Crown Note #2

  Femi – Mapaderun Tiwalade takes on the second edition of the Guest Crown Note. Guest Crown Note #2  discusses the phenomenon that is passion and the peaks and valleys that accompany it. This Guest Crown Note will definitely inform just as much as it will inspire you.


By Femi – Mapaderun Tiwalade

Man is only truly great when he acts from passion

-Benjamin Israel

Throughout history, it has been made known to us time and time again that passion determines the height that men can reach. It would seem that there is a formula for greatness and the equation includes: passion, drive, determination and dedication. However, of all these critical components, passion appears to be the most essential.
      “Why is this?”, you may ask, “What is so essential about passion?” To properly respond to these questions, one must firstly understand the phenomenon that is passion. To the common man, passion is simply a strong desire. Over the decades, it has usually been related with other phenomena such as love and anger. However, passion is a much more dimensional and complex phenomenon.
      Passion is not only concerned with being a strong desire. It also concerns itself with inspiring drive, fostering determination and dedicating time to a cause that is dear to one’s heart.  It is not wrong to associate passion with intense feelings such as love and anger but it is critical that we understand that the story does not end there. Passion can also be a strong determination to achieve a goal at all cost. This facet of passion is probably the most intricate.
       This is because, like all things, passion has its good and bad. An old adage that rings true warns that too much of anything is dangerous. When love is the playing field, passion can be a thing of true beauty. Passion in love’s court can lead to happiness and satisfaction between the parties involved. However, when passion turns into obsession, it becomes very dangerous.
      The simple explanation for this is the fact that whatever you’re passionate about always occupies your thoughts. It is potent enough to distract you and snatch you away from reality. This is why passion should be guided and channeled into the right direction. It should be subject to moderation no matter how hard that proves to be.
      When passion is channeled in the right direction, it leads you towards the right purpose, which is a great strength. George Elliot once said “All passion becomes a strength when it has an outlet”. For passion to be used for good, it must firstly have a channel of release. Passion without reason and perspective can actually distort one’s perspective of reality.
      Passion inspires the person involved to take more risks than the average person. However, you must constantly ask, “What am I wiling to sacrifice in the name of passion?”, “Is this reason adding or taking away from me?”
            It is not possible to be zealous without passion but watch what you’re passionate for. There are many examples of when the purpose is wrong but the passion is strong. A glaring example of this are religious sects who require their followers to sacrifice their happiness and their well being in the name of passion. It is therefore evident that what you’re passionate about can either lift you up or bring you down. So watch it.

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