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Guest Crown Note #11


Rue And Her Industry Takeover Plans
By Taffy Yolan Chiggs

Just when it seems everything is settling to normal in the music industry and artistes are following trends rather than setting standards, 16 year old Rue, who claims to have been monitoring the music industry all her life has promised to come out with the “desired change”. According to her, “It is kinda a vague concept, that’s why many are blind to it because of their blurred visions for creativity”. She continued “how long can we continue like this?”.
It is clear she is not willing to leave any stone unturned in her “revolution” as she promises
to make many artistes across the world either “up their games or off the their games.” She accused many of artistes of being lazy in production and others using money and fame to cover their lame talent.
She said, “these days, music has become all about showing off moola and make believe, many of these artistes are very lazy in their production from writing to delivery (that is if they even write at all) others who are fortunate to have wealthy families take to music because they think it is the easiest thing to do, even with their lame talent. Unfortunately, they have left the society with no choice, but to give glory to the best actor in the music industry, that one who is best at faking it. It’s all about fast-food music these days”
According to her, there are many great producers in the industry and they seem to be making up for artistes, “clearly there are many great producers in the industry, because what you hear outside the lyrics of these artistes make you love music, hence they seem to be covering up for the artistes.” Although she refused to go into details of how she intends to effect change, she noted that there are many great and talented artistes in the industry as well, and some, Legends. “For me, 2016 is a takeoff for my project and I’m up to take over, at least, for the coming generations. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the whole industry is polluted or messed up and there are no real talents, NO. There are lots of great talents just a pity how they are surrounded. In fact, there are both dead and living legends that I truly admire, learn from and look up to. I have many great songs I have written out of inspiration born by these Legends.
It seem the first production company to work with Rue will have a great share of their boom as she promises to make whoever works with her in her first album a global phenomenon.
She obviously has been observing the music industry as she took her time to air her opinion on the Drama that took place on the award night of One of Nigeria’s most prestigious music award, #theheadies and the aftermath
“Nigeria obviously is a force to identify with when it comes to entertainment in Africa and all that is expected of them is, be good examples. Need I say more of their impact the industry? I look forward to working with some of them someday”. She said.
Concerning the incident at the headies award night on the 1st of Jan 2016, she said, “I think there was negligence of duty by some parties. If you are nominated for an award and accept the nomination, where it is open for fans to vote, it is only proper that you carry out your campaign like you are contesting for the white house presidency and make your fans vote for you. Nothing happens by magic, at least not anymore. Where you fail to do that, you must accept the outcome of the results. Meanwhile, it seem to me, a bravado, to mention names in controversial statements, I think that was where it all went sour. But I’m glad things are back to normal. I have always respected the parties involved, hence, salute their maturity”.
Rue, who is currently a student in South Africa, says she understand the principles of “a time for everything”, hence, she knows how to balance music with studies and not show lag in any. Meanwhile she also begged for the prayer of the saints for her as she rises, because according to her, there are many people who are up solely to bring down. At the same time, it is worthy of note that Rue is currently independent and not signed under any record label, and according to her, she is open for talks with any serious-minded individual or company. Although, she is currently is managed by Mr ANCIENT, whom she says has played a huge role in sharpening her perspective to music and also built the most confidence in her dreams.

– Taffy Yolan Chiggs
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