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Guest Crown Note #10


Now And Then

    For the English scholars, you would agree with me that the word ‘then’ can be used for the past and future. Better still, the topic can be re-written as; THEN (past), NOW (present) and THEN (future) which are the 3 fundamental stages in any man’s life. There is one you can’t control, one which you can control and one on which your control will have effect. 

     Fasten your sit belt as I take you on this ride. I can’t promise you it is gonna be smooth or error free but for certain, you are gonna learn something.

    The Past : Your parents, your siblings, where you were born, how you were born, your position in the family, your nationality, maybe your primary school and a number of other things you didn’t have a say about. There are so many things you wish you could change but it is all in the past. A number of people are still living in the dysphoria from their past, I won’t say you should forget it because only you know what is in your past, I will say don’t allow your past to affect present and future negatively.

     The past is a very broad subject that I won’t want to bore you with but I will want you to bear these in mind:

1. Never forget your past; it is your best teacher. Don’t get it twisted, you have lessons to learn from your past, learn the lessons but don’t hang on to the bad memories, they will slow you down.

2. Don’t allow you background put your back to the ground.

The Present : No gain saying this is the most important stage of your life. This is the stage in which your actions or inactions will either make or mar your future. A saying goes like this; what you sow, you will reap. The action of sowing is from NOW (the present) and the reaping will occur THEN (the future). There a lot of decisions you will be making in some areas that I would love to draw your attention to:

1. Your health: Your health is a priority and you should note that certain decisions you make now will have effect on your health. 

2. Sugar: Your sugar intake should be reduced bearing in mind that there is an incurable disease called diabetes.

3. Eating habit: A number of young people fail to eat adequately under the guise that they are busy with school work. They eat snacks and other less nutritional food which may in turn lead to ulcer. Also, eat fruits as much as you eat food.

4. Sleep: Too much sleep is bad but inadequacy I believe is not good considering the stress the brain goes through daily so, get enough sleep.

5. Drugs and smoking: Simply put, it is bad. It will affect your health and in turn your future.

6. Education: There is a limit to how far your parents or guardians can help with your studies. They may be able to pay your fees and feed you but it is for a while. They will not do that forever. Make the best use of the opportunity you have. If you think you are being rebellious by failing, it is your name that will appear on the certificate. I get the gist that ‘I’m not good at studying’, it is not an excuse. Nobody has two heads; it is just how we use the one we have. You are a product of your mind. Nobody is a dummy.

7. Finances: When it comes to finances, people have diverse thoughts and opinions but my stand is that no matter how much you get as pocket money or salary, YOU MUST SAVE. Why you should save, what you are saving for and other questions should be sent through my contact.

8. Religion: You don’t have to be in trouble before you pray, go to church, read the bible or give offering. It is an investment I encourage everyone to make.

     These are few among many other areas so do what is right as regards the areas not mentioned. Make the right choice, transform your life.

The Future : That is when the decisions you make will take effect. This is when you have transited from ‘nowhere’ to ‘now-here’. Many people see the future like it is far away, like 5, 10, 20 years from now but the truth is, the future is really the next thing you do after reading this, 5 seconds from now is part of the future because you have no idea what will really happen. Every choice you made then will materialize in the future which will be now. Bear these in mind:

1. The world gives way to someone that knows where he is going – your choices matter

2. No acquisition without determination – be focused.

3. Sometimes you have to let go to let in – free your mind.

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